From the Pacific coast of Piura we arrive in the Huancabamba moorlands, a place similar to the “puna” of the highlands but not so high, and more rainy and humid. Along the way we crossed deserts, forests of carobs and ceibas, flowers and orchids, and cloudy hills that sometimes look more like a tropical jungle.

The vegetation in the higher regions is lush and covers both sides of the winding roads leading to the villages through the fields and leaving open clearings in the landscape. A little earlier however, the landscape consisted of desert and dry forest with carob wood houses and colorful churches rising from the sand.

As to picture taking, for the dry forest the best time of the day are first and last hours. In the highlands, the mist plays with the hills in the horizon and with the setting sun.

The road concessions make visiting these little known places of Peru possible, and allow us to explore the route that this trip offers, turning the route into the final destination itself.