Living cultures

The trip allows us to visit and explore communities of farmers and cattle breeders, located mainly in the tropical dry forest in the Section between Buenos Aires and Canchaque, and in the valleys around Huancabamba. The geography, climate and altitude set the vocation of these communities towards production. Thus, while in the desert the activities turn around collecting carob derivatives and raising goats, in the highlands large amounts of corn, grains, potatoes are produced not to forget mentioning cattle raising.

Also, the route is rich in artistic expression, highlighting the major ceramic centers of the department located in Chulucanas and La Encantada, whose pottery traditions have rescued techniques and styles coming from the Vicus culture, besides the communities whose women weave fine colored textiles, mainly ponchos and blankets.

One of the most representative aspects that blend ancient traditions with Catholic religious practices, is Shamanism, which is practiced around Huancabamba and its lagoons. Master herbalists and healers apply their skills and knowledge to people from around the world in search of spiritual or physical health.